Sunday, 19 April 2015

New Willow Moon Dreamboard

A tad late as I was out all day yesterday...

Willow is my Celtic tree sign - I was born under a Full Willow Moon - so no wonder this Moon speaks to me so powerfully!

I think the images say it all, so I'll let them speak...

Left-hand page

Right-hand page

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Full Alder Moon (Egg moon)

Our part of the UK has been under thick, grey cloud for a couple of days now, and it isn't forecast to disperse any time soon...

So I haven't seen the Alder moon waxing to its peak, but I've been feeling its effects :)

Not surprising, this Full Moon is often called an Egg Moon coinciding with Easter and messages of new life, growth and fertility.

Left-hand page
I had to start this page with a postcard of SeeQueen's beautiful meditation stone, looking both like an egg and a moon :) Followed by a page from a wee vintage poetry book and a print ATC by Dancing-Girl Art.
Underneath is a fun sticker of vintage pens and inks (very much to the forefront of my mind given my current obsession with dip pens and writing letters!) And next to that is a card showing the painting 'Arboretum' by Laurel Porter-Gaylord - a beautiful, blossom-laden tree.
At the bottom is an evocative image from Gillian Lee Smith's exhibition brochure We All Cast Shadows on which I've written 'there's always a story to be told'... and finally an image from an old We'Moon diary called Oshun: Goddess of Love by Sandra Stanton 1999.

Right-hand page
A very simple page - a sticker of vintage stamps to show my letter-writing exploits this month, and a classic Papaya Art! sticker. Then a wee hand on which I've drawn a spiral to show all the movement and life my left hand provides...
Then the words 'The Secret Coolness' from a magazine advert over another We'Moon image on which I've stuck a clockface.
Lastly, a postcard from a ceramic exhibition (I can't remember when or where) on which I've stuck a crafting leaf and three wee flower stickers.

And that's it. Today's Full Alder Moon evokes so much on this Easter Saturday - the day Christians remember Jesus' time in the tomb... a somber day in many ways, but also a day full of wonder, magic and mystery... a day of 'secret coolness' deep in the heart of the tomb where death turns into new life...