Thursday, 19 February 2015

My journal...

When the Muse knocks, all too often I ignore her (to my own detriment!)

But after the New Moon Dreamboard yesterday, there's still some creative energy floating around...

A page from Toast's Spring lookbook, on which I wrote random words - which could become a poem...
dark, moist earth
rich compost
Bulb - orb
of new life
like an egg
bright strong stalks
pushing their way
through tp the Spring air
And here, small suns
trumpetting the arrival
of life.

Then poetry by Mary Oliver (Wild Geese) and Jeanne Lohmann (Invocation) - so integral to making my Dreamboard yesterday...

This journal is my Book of Me I'm making in a year and a day with Angel Sullivan. I've been a tad lax with entries, but I have till October to finish it :)

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  1. I love your random words that created a beautiful poem.