Thursday, 5 March 2015

Full Ash Moon Dreamboard

As my Full Moon Dreamboard journal is A4 (as compared to the A3 New Moon one), each spread seems to fill up very quickly - a handful of images on each side, and we're done!

There are echoes of the words and images from the New Moon, and once again I repeated the 'Invocation' poem... I plan to type that out and mount it on card, so I can say it before I create each Dreamboard...

Left-hand page is pretty self-explanatory. 
The egg tag has the info on this Full Moon written on the back (date, main themes/thoughts). The stunning female torso wood carving is called 'Harmony' by Marsea H. Ilio (1989) image from old We'Moon diary. The 'Find Beauty in Rain' is from last year's 'quote-a-day' calendar and the Klimt tree of life is from a greetings card. The blue woman is called 'Prayer to Tara' by Molly Sullivan (2002) and links with Right-hand page

... where the words of the prayer are written

Self-Arising Tara

my source
creatrix of all
She's real
alive and
humming deep
in ancient space.

May we all
arise as Tara
May we all
be awakened
and free
like you Ma
like you Ma
please come
arise in me.

Other images include another page from the quote-a-day calendar 'Live Simply', a Papaya! Art postcard with  the Chinese proverb 'If you keep a green bough in your heart, then the singing bird will come.'

Below that is a card with the words 'Our ability to be compassionate and experience our humanness never leaves us' from my stash - I just love the yellow primroses being cradled in gentle hands...

Then an Art&Ghosts image of a typing rabbit (of course!) and finally another We'Moon image called 'Wisdom' by Meinrad Craighead (1983).

I have felt the power and the rhythm of this Ash Moon month, with the Celtic themes of 'As above, so below' - the sense of deep stirrings in the earth, in my belly, manifesting above ground in my body... And it will continue as this Full Moon shines brightly and then slowly wanes down to the next New Moon, which just so happens to coincide with the Spring Equinox (oh my!)

I suspect there will be even more of Nature's power to come...

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  1. Beautiful Claire, your Moon Boards are always inspiring to me. Thank you.
    And I received a VERY inspiring package myself this morning, thank you so much, I've still got a big beaming smile on my face. Blessings and love to you. xx