Thursday, 1 January 2015

Having lived most of my adult life in my head, governed by thoughts and learned knowledge, I've realized in this past year I want to live my crone years (I turned 50 in April 2014) consciously in my body, in my feelings, in my gut...

I've grown more interested in the moon over the last couple of years, and its effect on my mood, and more recently I've been drawn to stones/crystals. Not that I want to be a crystal healer/therapist particularly, more for personal interest and curiosity.

I have an internal struggle with all this.

My Oxford-educated brain says it's all hokum and I should know better! But my body, my gut, say otherwise... It feels a deep connection to certain stones, different phases of the moon, and I want to explore this further - without judgement and with an open heart and mind.


  1. Hi Claire
    Jut stopped by to say ho at your new blog!
    Hoping that you all feel better soon and wishing you a wonderful 2015.
    Wren x

  2. Hi Claire, I went to your blog last week to wish Merry Xmas, but I saw you were not posting, Great to see you new blog, Happy New Year, and YES to intuition and all the magical connections! Hugs Elizabeth!

  3. I say always listen to your gut. Its the best tool I know when deciding something. Looking forward to seeing where this new desire takes you.


  4. Hi, Claire just stopping by to check out your new blog. Sometimes it is good to follow your intuition and trust in it. Have a great 2015 and hope you feel better soon.


  5. Hello Lovely - really hope you are all feeling better soon! Very excited to see your new blog, I shall be following with interest..
    K xxx