Tuesday 20 January 2015

January New Moon Dreamboard

There are definite themes in this Rowan Moon - the first New Moon of 2015.

According to Amy Palko's Bloom by Moon 

Take these visions and ground them in practical action. Let them take root and gain strength from the energy that flows from deep within the Earth's core. Let them offer you their gifts of vision and protection.

And I've written this out on the right-hand page on a image on which I'm stuck a wee wooden house and a sticker with a heart kite withe word Fly

Another theme is 'the space between', which is written on the trees postcard - the space between the vision and the 'practical action', but also the space between mentioned in the poem 'Blessing' by Patrice Haan (2010) from an old We'moon diary at the bottom of the page
Grace meets you between two heartbeats,
In a blink, pulse, shift of breeze rippling cat's fur, all is changed,
And the world, which leaned into its negative pole, glances,
fascinated by the positive, all
before breakfast, before the day's first tasks.
The great longing lifts
like a voice, like wings, and soars
effortlessly, splendidly, a thing of such joy
the bird stops singing and the animals 
come out to listen. All the people put down their masks and
tools and stand awash in the moment. What
will we tell the children? How remember the instant
we glimpsed grace and knew true peace like
stars at night, water in the desert, the first great
breath on surfacing.

I've also remembered St Brigid, whose feast day is in a couple of weeks, with the image She Tends the Flame by Megaera (2006) with words by Donna Henes (2003)

One by one, in tiny increments, candle by candle,
gesture by effort, wish by prayer, concern by care,
we feed the life-fires of the soul and light
the infinite universe, little by little from within.

The left-hand page is less busy and is pretty self-explanatory - with images from the Toast catalogue and various magazines...

As I sit with this completed dreamboard, I think of my visions, my seeds, my intentions for the New Year, for this New Moon...

Foremost is beginning the e-course Lunar Flow - the first part of Marissa's CMP course (there's a button on the sidebar)...

... I really can't wait to start and will be sharing as the weeks unfold. I've boldly written my intention for the CMP course in the course handbook:

To connect with my inner wisdom.
To learn to trust my gut using the moon, chakras, stones and tarot.
To build on what I've picked up on these things over the years and dive deep into my own real Knowing.
My Word for 2015 is DELVE and I intend to delve deeper and deeper through this course.

May it be so :) x


  1. I love your board, it evokes such serenity to me. The course sounds wonderful as everything you sign up for does. I have way to much to add to my plate right now but maybe at a later date. I am starting Flora Bowley's course next week. Hugs to you my friend.

  2. I *love* this!!! Your board, your intentions, the poetry....all filled with hope, joy, wisdom and inspiration. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad our paths crossed. May you always walk in beauty, MW